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The Melbourne Prize has been established with thee objectives:

to recognise and reward excellence and talent;
to inspire creative development;
to enrich public life.

Run in conjunction with the Committee for Melbourne, the Trust will achieve its objectives by running the annual Melbourne Prize. By offering selected award categories, each annual Melbourne Prize will provide professional development, provision for overseas travel, international cultural exchange and financial reward to allow writers to pursue their creative pursuits.



The Melbourne Prize is positioned as the prize of the city for the city and runs in a three year cycle:

Melbourne Prize for
Urban Sculpture 2005
Melbourne Prize for Literature 2006
Melbourne Prize for
Music 2007

3 year cycle commences with the Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture 2008.

The Melbourne Prize Trust activities are supported by a collaboration of corporate sponsors, patrons, community development partners, commercial organizations and individuals.


This support enables the Trust to carry out its work to reinforce the value of our creative resources recognized under the banner of Australia’s cultural capital – Melbourne. The annual Melbourne Prize is positioned, in most categories, as the most valuable creative development prize in Australia.

In addition to the awarding of prizes, the annual Melbourne Prize aims to engage with the public, through a display of finalists held annually in November in the main outdoor forecourt at Melbourne's Federation Square.

The Melbourne Prize Trust is listed in the Federal Government's Register of Cultural Organisations with Deductible Gift Recipient status.

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